Air Gene Trampoline Park Tainan branch – Free yourself, feel the Air

After the opening of the Taichung branch, our Tainan branch is also now open in 2019 for those who live in Southern Taiwan!

We have playing areas for both children and adults, a special area features Olympic trampolines, rock climbing area, dodgeball arena and basketball dunking area. In our new Tainan branch, there are two brand-new exciting features. You can either be a Spider-man or experience the weightlessness through our new installation.

Our facility is recognized by ASTM INTERNATIONAL standards. All the equipment is regularly sanitized and under regular maintenance. We have years of experiences in instructing children. Under the instruction of our professional coaches, children can learn how to balance their body and improve the cardiorespiratory endurance while they are jumping. What’s more, they can establish fundamental exercise concepts and learn how to keep themselves from sports injuries.

Furthermore, Taiwan Lantern Festival 2020 will be held in Taichung. Our Taichung branch is near the site called “Kids’ Paradise”, which is located at the Wenxin Forest Park. After attending the fantastic events that feature popular theme like Shakurel Planet, you can also have a visit to Air Gene Trampoline Park!

Watch the 4-minute video first! It will help you better knowing about the safety rules.

This wristband is a timer. It will record your entry time at the facility.

We have suitable areas for both children and adults. You can choose as you wish.

Warm-up is necessary! Our coaches will also teach you how to use the equipment properly.

Without the permission of our coaches, you are not allowed to enter Olympic trampoline area.

A wonderful area for those who love playing dodgeball.

Both children and parents can have lots of fun here.

Playing area for children

Sponge pool will definitely be the favorite of children!

Do you want to be a talented dunker like Michael Jordan? Come down here!

Rock climbing area is also a feature at our facility. Lie down when you climb to the highest point. You will find it more exciting than you think.

You can experience the weightlessness here!

Must try! You won’t regret it!

If you want to be a Spider-Man, come on here!

Remember to take photos to record this unforgettable moment!

Article Source : 章魚娜娜